Saturday, January 05, 2013

You never know the moment or the day

There is a certain 4 star hotel I stop of at nearly every day. If I can get parking I pop into one of the local coffee shops. So today I happened to be there when an incident took place.
What had taken place I did not know at the time, but there was a lot of running around and excitement.
Later on there was a woman and 2 teenagers who got into the taxi and all was revealed.
They were coming down the main stairs and a man of around 50 years old was coming towards them. He stopped walking up the stairs and collapsed backwards on to the marble floor below.
She was a trained nurse and sent the kids up to reception to get help.
There was on pulse, so she asked for a defibrillator, the manageress asked a member of staff
 "Do we have a defibrillator?"
All the training seemed to have been lost as she had to stop giving CPR to talk to the paramedics who were coming..
She was upset and the kids were upset as well.
But to make matters worse their mother began ringing all her friends in England to tell them the news.
Both her daughter and myself had to stop her as the daughter was getting close to becoming hysterical.

So their you have it, one moment hale and hearty the next instant you are gone.



So the Christmas party is over and we enter the "low season". Thank God for HailO it has come along just at the right time and sent me business when there was nothing.
Its the only way to go.
Radio taxi companies had held the business for far too long.
They charge the drivers up to €120 per week for the privilege of having a radio in the taxi. The taxi company might have work for 80 taxis, then they increase the taxi numbers to twice the number that there is work for.
They make a lot more profit the drivers make less money as the work is spread over more drivers.
Then came discounts 20% and fixed rate fares to the airport etc

The driver then made even less money.

Time has moved on and the HailO app gives the passenger an accurate time of arrival of his taxi, a photo of the driver and the subscriber can see their taxi approaching on their phone.
No more will we hear "your taxi is just around the corner"when there is no taxi coming available.

All the girls love it for the safety and security aspect of the system

One taxi company tried to intimidate their drivers and they found out that the next day 8 drivers requested to have the radios taken out.

This reduced their overheads by a good amount.

Every job that HailO sends they get 10% Or if it is a credit card off the street they take 3% commission.

No weekly rental.

So we are moving into a new age, long may it continue.

Imagine this car !

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  1. Just an addition to the above posting. The man apperntly survived but is critical in hospital. You know when the heart stops for a while you get brain damage after the first few minutes. I wish them all the very best of luck.