Tuesday, May 28, 2013

House for sale

On the South Circular Road a house has come up for sale.
it is just beside the old Players factory.
This house was the home of a very famous American lady.

Her name is Jean Darling and she was a star of the silver screen back in the Shirley Temple days.
Her mother put her into films and when she rose to stardom whe she was hardly out of nappies.
Then one day she got a massive bill from the IRS, but her mother had spent her money on fortune tellers of all things.
Even though she was a child she had made the money and owed the tax.
So she worked on and paid back this massive debt.

Later on she married a magician called Kajar and toured the world.
When he died she settled in Dublin and wrote children's books.

Here is a clip going back giving a brief outline of the of "The Gang" biographies

She was an interesting person to know, she was in my taxi 6 or 7 times and I looked after her for the duration of a funeral once.
She knew everything about stage presentation and stagecraft.
"What do you think of the Irish magician Keith Barry?"
She once asked.
"Can't you even see that he doesn't even know how HOW TO STAND?"

This was followed by a 20 minute lesson.

She has gone to live with her son in Germany.

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