Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sex,kidnapping and slavery.

Every so often a case comes to light of someone vanishing completely. Then they turn up in very tragic circumstances.

Every day someone goes missing, some turn up alive and well others are not so lucky.

Garda in Ireland today are investigating how a woman in her 20s was held captive and raped for over a week by 6 men

You know of the storys of children held captive, some discovered alive others have been found buried in the garden years later.

This is hard to watch if you are not strong turn away now.

Years ago I saw 2 Gangsters punch a girl and put her into the boot of a jeep, when I rang 999(112) I was told that unless he had a "missing persons report" he could do nothing.

You will see something today or tomorrow and perhaps this time because you are looking for it, someone might get back home again.

Perhaps your police will act I don't know but I hope so.


Last year a group of Irish travellers were jailed for keeping men who were homeless prisoner , some had been held for up to five years.
The case cost the British Police over £1 million
Well done lads.

This is happening in every City in the world.

So today and every other day open your eyes and ears.
Tomorrow someone like Madleline McCann might come home. DV 

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