Friday, May 17, 2013

Philo Gone

      2 drunks pushed the iconic statue of Phil Lynott over and damaged it, so it is gone away.
The parents of one of my sons friends work the foundry where he was cast.
I hope the punks are told to pay the bill
 Our neighbors across the water are getting upset with Google, Amazon, Pay pal and Ebay etc. for not paying tax in the UK.
You see they are all based in Ireland where corporate tax is lower. When you buy Starbucks coffee the transaction is completed in Switzerland.  All legal though
 The new Aldi on East wall Rd opening in the Summer (Soon)

We had a huge visitor to Dublin the Queen Mary 2
From the Irish Times
Over 3,000 people disembarked from the RMS Queen Mary II, which is the first of 14 liners to visit the town this year, bringing more than 30,000 passengers and generating €3 million for the area. In 2012, a total of 200 people arrived in the harbour.

But there are 2 or 3 cruise liners coming into Dublin port every week now. Happy days.

The variety and wonder I find in my own passengers continues to amaze me.
Yesterday I had a couple from San Francisco who were Armenian, very interesting people the lady was very beautiful and petite, Armenia I now know was the first country to take Christianity as its national religion.
The empire stretched from the Mediterranean sea to the Black sea to the Caspian sea.
They said that they were Persian. The population of Armenia were persecuted and those who survived scattered all over the world.
But I really felt from them a very strong love for their culture and traditions.
They still spoke their language and would hold on to their traditions with great pride.

Today I met a Canadian lady off to the airport to Washington.

Then a return trip with a family all the way from Oman, the man who sat in the front with me was well educated and he told me that the population of Oman was only 1 1/2 million (less than Dublin)
The country is bigger than England.
All the workers come in from abroad and they have loads of oil.
The whole family were very clever and had good English.
It is 50c in Oman at present, a little too hot for me.

The students are starting to move away to find summer work now and the influx of tourists is amazing.
A big Rugby weekend with the French arriving in big numbers. As for myself I think I am getting a bug.
A few hours off is what is needed.

Just an example to show that it is not just in Italy or Ireland that this might happen.
In China a man lost his wife, after a few years he met a widow and after a while he moved in with her.
Every day he had to rush back to his old house to prepare food for his son who is 31 years old.
"If I don't prepare food for him he will not eat" said his father.
The widows daughter found a job for the son who had never worked.
But after the first day he came home and said wouldn't go back.
"Its too hard work" he said.

I thing my sons must be Saints !

Still more and more taxis on Dublin's roads its incredible

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