Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A life in a bottle

 Heading for Tower Bridge, they didn't lock me up
 Where did you want to go? Just follow the line.
       Last resting place of ?
 This one I knew.
   Votes for women !
A sign on a Virgin express toilet seat..Good one

One minute you are having your dinner and the phone rings.
3 hours later you are in London.
That's where I was for the last 3 days.
Taking care of business.
Whatever else you might say about the British they really know how to shift people around, a great place. to travel to whatever your reasons are for going there.

I knew a guy who died last week, not best mates by any means.
He had a great job and he just started drinking heavily.
Turning up drunk for work he found himself suspended from his job.
His wife and daughter walked out.
He still kept drinking.
Divorce followed and the family  home was sold, still he did not stop.
In the middle of all this his ex wife needed some papers signed and she tracked him down to a bar.
She got the shock of her life when she found out that he didn't even know who she was.
At that point she turned on his drinking pals and she asked them why they would do nothing to help him rather than just encourage him to drink himself to death.

So last week he joins a long list of talented Irishmen who died from drink.

No it wasn't him who was buried in London

The schools are back and the leaves are turning, soon we will have to turn on the central heating again.

The clock moves click means nothing to one ..Yet to others it is the end of everything.

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