Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Guinness and laptops

Well today I got the  laptop back.
I spilled a pint of Guinness into it. It now has a new keypad.
 It will be Aurthur's day soon, perhaps he will send me a grant towards the laptop repair costs.
There will be a lot of things going on that day.
Mike Scott of the Waterboys wrote a song against the drinking culture in Ireland even though he is starring at the event.

I tried to work every morning and do the income tax later on, the strange thing is that I found that work is much busier than usual..
Not just because the schools are back,
I felt it that there was something else going on.
Today I found out that indeed there was something else going on.

If you are renting a taxi it is up to the owner of the rented taxi to inform the taxi regulator who the person renting the taxi is...and to pass over their PPS number..
This information will be shared with the social welfare and the revenue.
I was told that if someone else drives the taxi who is not the registered driver the taxi it will be confiscated.
I am told that there are 2,000 rental taxis lying idle.

A robber throws away the cases from his stole goods, someone will get an awful shock.

A girl got into my taxi today going to Inchacore and she said she was going to Balgaddy one time to see a fortune teller and as they came around the corner there was a Garda checkpoint straight in front of them. The driver was very nervous and he grabbed a few things from the taxi including his ID and jumped out, then he ran away.
The police gave her a hard time until they found out that she was a victim in this case.
He was illegal and really didn't want to be caught.
I bet the fortune teller she went to was not able to forecast that event.
Every year coming up to Christmas I pray that the powers who can do something act quickly to put a proper stop to illegal taxis.
After all how can the Garda find a taxi that doesn't exist?
A tight clamp down for a few weeks with checkpoints popping up all over the place would soon make the nights safer for our kids coming home.
It is well past time that they acted on the illegal taxis.

Nyree Yergainharsain is not a name that flys off the tongue, but I met her yesterday.
She has Produced a play in the Project art center called
The Churching of Happy Cullen
Booking at 1850 374643 or at the box office.
She also acts and has formed a travelling theater group with her fellow actors.
I told her about my time with John Hubbard who is now very big in the film and theater casting.
When we were delivering scripts years ago we were waking up sleepers with hangovers who used to shout
"What the hell are you banging on my door for?"
Then you would place the script in their hands and then you you would hear a very apologetic voice.
"I'm terribly sorry, Would you like a cup of tea?"
The sad thing was that those people were very well known people on TV and the silver screen.
John told me that when actors were between jobs they did not work as painters or taxi drivers between engagements they "Rested"

Back then it was all done by hand, now its email and all that jazz, gone is the personal touch.

Nyree has the most beautiful dark eyes, they will hypnotise any man.
Her father is from Armenia with an Irish mother she has great beauty and charm.

She has booked me to drive her to the Oscars on the big night when her star rises
Just so that you know Armenia borders Iran Turkey and Georgia it is the first Christian country in the world.

So it is back to the taxi tax.

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