Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

I am not supersticous but today I am stayng in.

I am taking the whole day off. I had a toothache last night and Tara the dentist fixed me up this morning.
I need to service my car anyhow and do that dammed income tax.

Well here I am with my laptop in the hospital...Guinness is not good for it.
Andrew told me that he would put a new keypad on it..So no photos until it comes back.

I know a guy from Austria. "Every week I do my totals, I check them and tot them up WEEKLY,..MONTHLY...QUARTERLY..HALF YEARLY AND THEN I CAN JUST PRESS A KEY ON MY COMPUTER AND ITS DONE" 
I know he is right, it would save me an awful lot of worry.

I met a very petite lady with an unusual and very real problem.
She bought an apartment 7 years ago with her husband. It was a one bedroom apartment.
They would sell it later on and trade up, why waste money on rent?
When they went to insure it they were told by the insurance company that they would not insure it as there was an office above it which they did not own.
The went back to the estate agent to get out of the sale.
The estate agent made a few phone calls and got them cover.
After a few years the insurance company came back to them when they found out about the office above them and they refused to deal with them any further.
The estate agent had not disclosed to them about the office.

"So there we are the 5 of us in a one bedroom flat, its worth 1/2 what we paid for it and we can't insure it, or can we sell it and this is only a small part of our problems"

I never load my own problems on to my passengers, more than likely they have troubles too.

Minicabs in London are a source of worry for the people there who travel.
Over here we have unlimited taxis, over there the illegal taxis are putting the legal taxis out of business.
At the ferry yesterday a guy from Galway was telling me what happened to his girlfriend.
She took a minicab to Euston the agreed fare was £12 with her luggage the the driver took her along the scenic route even though she was screaming at him to go the other way,
She arrived at the station late and he demanded £40.
He had her luggage and would not give it to her until she paid him.
Over the delay she missed the high speed train and had to get a slower one, but she got on the Swift sailing later and would arrive in Dublin 3 hours late.
Boys and girls try to remember this.
Without making a fuss turn on your video on your phone.(try it now when you are not under pressure)
Film everything that is going on.
Keep it candid....Now its not your word against his.

I just had to include this one..

I brought an American couple to the airport from the ferry, they are renting a car to go to a wedding  in Crossmaglen Co Armagh..
As one does I asked him what he worked at. As it turned out he was an engineer in the building of Nuclear Power Plants...So the talk soon went to the tsunami in Japan.
Yes he had been sent there as soon as they could get a flight and he stayed in the American embessy for the duration of his stay..The people really worked well at the time...They had built defences to withstand any known wave that they knew of at that time. It was not enough.
But strange to say scientists have since discovered a marker with carvings..The carvings tell of a giant wave which struck Japan over 1,000 years ago...and the inscription said.

"Do not build lower than this point"

Still you calculte on what you know then God decides to show you what He can do.

So right now today put your life in gear and move up..

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