Saturday, November 09, 2013

Cry WOLF !

It turned out that the girl who turned up on O'Connell St in a traumatized state was lying.
They turned over every stone to solve the problem, the investigation is reckoned to have cost the state €325,000.
Remember, she couldn't speak and did not respond to anyone. But she drew pictures of horrible acts being committed against her..It was all a delusion from a sick troubled 25 year old Australian girl with a history of mental illness.
Why she was here in Ireland unsupervised is one of the many questions yet to be answered.
For myself I am very sorry for the girl and her parents.
People who cry wolf, calling Police and Fire Brigades out on all kind of hoax errants are a pain in the arse.
It makes the powers that be reluctant to act in the future.
But it is a call for help from her. She was deported back to Australia where I hope she gets the help she clearly needs.

Once in a while taxi drivers come upon nasty female passingers who cry rape if they are not let off the fare..Without cameras you are a sitting duck..
The oldest story I know of a lucky escape from a driver was a man and a woman going to Castleknock, the man gave the girl £20 and she was going on to Cabra.
On arrival the girl gave the taxi driver £20 with "That's all yer gettin" The driver told her if she didn't pay the rest of the money he would take her to the Garda station in Cabra.
"If you do that I will tear my blouse and scratch my face and accuse you of rape, how would you like that?"
So it came to pass as he pulled up outside the Garda station she ripped her blouse and scratched her face and breasts and then ran into the station.
One minute later he walked in after her.
"That's the bastard now arrest him!"
The taxi driver managed to calm the situation by producing a small Dictaphone and then he pressed PLAY, The girl promptly fainted as her words were played back to the assembled Garda.
She was a wild 15 year old as it turned out an her parents were sent for the next day to hear the recording.  The mans name and career would have been ruined but for the tape.

He worked the radio and was having trouble taking down instructions from base controller.
His grandson had given him the dictafone for Christmas to record the instructions.
The story was told later that the grandad sent the family off to Florida for a holiday in gratatude.
He was one of those old drivers who worked a few hours a day to bring in just a few bob and to stay in touch with the world.

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