Thursday, November 21, 2013

Taxi driver shot in both legs

                           Dublin by night

Well the other day a taxi driver got shot in both legs over a disputed fare,its getting a bit like America with
all the guns going around.
It is always a problem picking up drunk and abusive people at night.
How to handle situations is a hard number to call.
Every taxi driver who works nights has had close shaves, thankfully I was never beaten up or robbed, but I have driven away without being paid to avoid trouble.

Today in the media a group of 3 women have been rescued in London after being held for 30 years in servitude.One of the women is a 57 year old Irish woman.
Imagine being held against your will. No contact with family and friends since 1983!

Then in the Sunday World there is the story of Anna kidnapped in London in 2011trafficked into Ireland where she was sold to hundreds of men in Irish brothels and hotels. Police had the opportunity to rescue her a few times, but the Swedish police finally broke up the gang.and freed her.
You know many many people had a chance to help these four women,
I have tried to intervene a couple of times in Dublin myself but the police were not bothered or did not understand what was going on.
I suppose I will have to be like Robert De Niro in the movie taxi driver and go in with both guns blazing.

For those of you that missed the surprise ending to this robbery here it is again

This is for taxi drivers everywhere.

The Idiots are the ones who drove themselves home.

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