Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tidy up time

 That is one of the things that Hitler used to bomb London with! A Henkel scooter
 Remember the big day out, get your name down now.
  This big boy demands that I tidy up my crib!

You know the face Eddie Jordan,
Years ago on a late night he hopped into my taxi, Eddy ...Eddy Shoemaker he added,
"Whether you are him or not, I would just like to say that what he has done in forming a formula one team and going as far as he did was no mean feat.
After all this is the sport of billionaires, there would be no telling where it would have gone if the sponsors had come on board at the right time and if the Ferrari engines had arrived.
If he ever wrote a book I would buy it"
as he was getting out he said.
"If Eddie wrote the truth about what happened to him in a book the courts would be busy for a year"
And "Eddie"was gone.

You never know what might happen next.

I now have paid my taxes for another year.
At least I know that the money will be spent wisely and not one cent will be wasted.

hahahahahahahah.Perhaps I am wrong.

Things are picking up a bit,small builders are doing a bit, extensions, one off houses.
If you have cash you could buy a cheap house.

Then again on this Friday night the Euromillions is worth €100million

I came across this today.
Vincent Brown asked the question that would all love to be answered.

Well this taxi driver still wants to know why.

Like supposing the guy down the road was good at backing racehorses and the bank advanced him a few thousand and he won again and again.
Only this time they advanced a few billion.

Then he lost everything.

Should everyone in the country have to pay the banks losses?

Not legally or morally.

This is a big con job.

Here is another view !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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