Thursday, January 30, 2014

30 years ago

Time is like a road sign.


How did it happen?,

A stroke of time ago was the 30 th anniversary of Derry bloody Sunday.
How could the British army plan to open fire on unarmed protesters?

Then after several investigations we find out that in fact that they really did kill all those people in cold blood.

30 years ago

Then Luke Kelly gone for 30 years!

I once asked to touch the piano belonging to Phil Coulter who wrote this song.
I got my wish.
The woman who was there was so happy for me.
(I don't know if it was his wife or his housekeeper.)
He lived in Bray.
A great thrill for me even now to have touched that great piano on which such great music was written

I was with my son the other day.
When I said that it was comforting  to see the road signs in miles as we crossed the border (we have gone metric) my son asked me to watch this.

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