Sunday, January 19, 2014

新年好 Or happy Chinese New Year

 A small harbour near Dingle Co.Kerry, those whale like things at Curraghs which are made from canvas, wood and tar..They ride the Atlantic waves like nothing else.(Video below)
   One of the Blasket islands.."The dead man"

The "Swiss Cheese" building in the East Wall area.

A little bit of information for you all.
In January only there is an exhibition of watercolors In the National gallery  click here to see

While my car was having her shock absorbers replaced the taxi drivers held a protest march on Dawson St..
Falling rank spaces
Incomes hitting rock bottom
Numbers of licenses issued rising without  any limit on the numbers.
Rising costs and no increases in 6 years.
Plus no elected person or body gives a damn about our plight...

Corruption in Ireland has been honed to a fine art.
A local charity called the Central Remedial Clinic which aids people who are mentally and physically challenged has been dragged into the limelight when their CEO Paul Kiely retired taking with him the most of €740K in pensions and backhanders.

All this at a time when services to its patients were being cut back..
No Santa in one regional center. They were told unless they did a fund raiser to cover the cost of the presets it would not happen..
Patients who are acutely handicapped were having to wait for physiotherapy,wheelchairs and special beds.
One boy was told that the taxi home service would be withdrawn, but they showed him how to use the bus!  He has great difficulty communicating and he was set upon by drug addicts and robbed when he arrived into the city center.
Now he is afraid to leave his room.
It is horrific in the extreme when the wages of people who are high up in the boards of charity's draw wages that would make a banker blush, while the people at the coal face work for nothing or a very small wage.
Sadly and worst of all people have withheld future donations and all charities are now suffering.

A few years ago a "Blogger" started writing about the carry on in the Irish Red Cross.
When they said they would sue him if he did not stop telling lies he stepped forward and spilled the beans on them. He was an employee.
Example 1
Blankets for a   in Afghanistan were needed, the guy suggested they be bought in Pakistan and shipped over the border...The big wigs decided to send out tenders for the supply and then fly them over, some months too late they arrived.
Another revelation was emergency funds collected had been lying in a provincial bank for years.
Resignations followed..

Remember boys and girls these people are paid to sit on these boards

This morning I picked up a lady who was in the car once a few years ago !
I remember her as if it was yesterday. Styles road Clontarf to Dublin Corporate Business Park.
€20 and around 40 mins run. All the way there I was saying that she should either change job or move to Blanchardstown. After she gave me her new destination I asked her if she was still working in Blanchardstown? No she said, I have a job in town now...She is a bright girl, I had told her that she would have no problem changing jobs. It looks like I was correct..
With a commute like she had in the past she should be saving around €150 per week.
Plus 4 hours longer in bed.
But today she has made the mistake that we all will make..Aldi has a special offer today.
Chinese Woks,Sauces and Noodles at a special price for the Chinese new year.
She was at the door at 9 AM..But on Sundays they open at 10AM.
Now she had to rush back...Chop Chop then back again to collect the goods lets hope that they have the stuff after all the effort.
Some people take cooking for fiends too seriously..They are looking at too much TV
Good luck with the cooking.

Time again to remind everyone about road safety.

The other day in Portmarnock a car collided with a woman and buggy.
The young woman was killed and the child in the buggy had both legs broken.

It only takes a few seconds to check your speed.

So this year as always..MIND YOURSELVES ON THE ROAD.

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