Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 Cripps shoe shop Terenure...On the right hand side it reads "Happy Crippsness"
     Lovely old Irish pub on Fleet St
                    The Wright venue.
A huge night club it takes 500 patrons to allow them just to break even.

Today and yesterday I am resting.
Well my car has gone in for some remedial work. I had one shock sensor replaced a few weeks ago and new front hubs, then I noticed something else was wrong.
So I had to get new tyres and the other 3 shocks replaced.
Shock sensors have to be replaced in pairs or you will get an imbalance when driving.
Shocks stop your wheels bouncing while you drive. Then when they land on the road again they take rubber off the tyre. Plus you waste fuel  spinning the wheel in the air.

The Shocks work like bicycle pumps.

Anyhow with 300,000 Kms on the clock of my Prius it is about time something wore out,
When it comes back I will have winter grade tyres fitted.
Not snow tyres, these tyres are made from a softer rubber which is more flexible in cold weather.
On that subject. Did you know that the system used to make pneumatic tyres was first developed in Dublin in 1889, John Dunlop who then used them on his bicycle, not many cars in 1889.
The factory was on Upper Stephen Street. Now the Dunnes Stores HQ.

Someone told me the other day that I was a collector of people, (The way some people collect stamps)
I do meet people from all over the world and love to compare their features and their experience of life.
Once I had 2 Canadian women in the car who turned out to be Inuit people. Eskimo to you and me.
Their life is not so great with long dark winter nights and  their old native way of life is now gone.
I never met a native American except for Mike who I met online on line and when I went into the Smithsonian in New York. Click here..  Many stories are told about Ireland's past. One story is about when the settlers in America heard about the famine in Ireland they sent a few ship  loads of grain over to feed the people. Maize was sent over but the people did not know how to cook or prepare the gain. You cannot eat the outside shell of the grain or your stomach will suffer.
Another story is how the Navajo Indians won the war in the Pacific during the second World war.
Their language was so different that they could pass messages by radio from one tribe member to another tribe member at the other end. The Japanese could not crack the code.
One aspect of the story was that each code talker had a "Body Guard"
His task was to shoot the code talker if they got captured.Not to protect him..
A hell of a price for loyalty.
One last thing is about an orphan boy who had "Graduated" as a shoe maker from the Artaine boys home and went to America..He made his way West and he met up with a tribe of Indians who had bad shoes, so he joined up with the tribe. Through time he learned their language and was able to talk with them then he told them of his life and of the abuse he had suffered at the hands of the Clergy in Ireland. Sexual, mental. physical and moral abuse. When they got over the shock of his story they told him that anyone who would do such a thing in their tribe would be killed without mercy and they could not understand why it was allowed to happen in Ireland in the first place, worst of all by a man of God.
Then through time and talking they helped to heal him, it is strange how the Indian is shown to be the Savage.

There are many books on American Indian wisdom and culture to be found on Amazon, take a look.

A Chinese looking lady I met the other day had come from the "Stans" Kazakhstan to be exact.
Its right there south of Russia and west of Mongolia to the Caspian sea.
I wonder if she spoke Russian or Chinese. Mongolians speak Russian but look Chinese.
Or the very tall blue eyed lady from Ukraine (The bread basket of Russia)
You could imagine Attila the Hun and the Chinese explorers moving across the world and settling in all these countries, having children with the local people .
There was a TV program called "Who do you think you are ?" Where they explored peoples family tree, often the results were not as expected.
I wish Google would develop a "Tribes of the world" website where we could compare people from Sweden to the people from Kerry for example.
Even now a good proportion of Kerry people are descended from Germans who have come there in great numbers.
In a few years we will all have come together I hope.
Then there will be no more war !

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