Friday, May 30, 2014

May turns to June

                                                        High tea at the O2
                                               Aer Lingus cabin staff on strike!

Bryan Ferry is a really class act.
When the first Aurthers Day was coming he was in my taxi.with 2 other guys.
The conversation was normal when one of the men in the back took a phone call.
 " Mike ! I'm sorry man, I was called away urgently, I tried to call you.
When I'm back in London I'll give you a call. OK?"
Bryan really took him to task.
 "You knew from last month you would be here, yet you let poor Mike go to a restaurant to go and meet you? Then he has put time and effort into this arrangement.
YOU on the other hand couldn't give a shit !
He was sitting there and you wasted his time and money.
You have a phone and a simple call would be nice.
But you didn't care
Now remember this, Mike is a grafter, he is moving up in the world and very soon he won't need you at all.
But sure as hell you will need him in the future.
If we are to do any business together from now on you will be coming from a much lower position in my estimation.
I will consider you as a person not to be trusted, and unreliable.
What do you think John ?"

Pretty well dead on I said.

It should be a good show !

So we had an election and very few people voted for the partys who are now in power.
The election posters have to be taken down by tonight,
Fines will be levied for every sign still in place tomorrow.

Yesterday there was a fatal crash in Fairview at the junction of the Malahide Rd.
It turns out that a car turned around to avoid going through a Garda checkpoint at 2am.
The garda gave chase and BANG !
A bit of a problem is that they did not inform the powers that be at the time and the wreckage was still in place at 6 am. With the road closed chaos reigned for hours.

On the other hand a young ofender was up in court.
He had lead the police on a merry chase with around 10 cars and the police helicopters in persuit.
He went down against traffic on the motorway a few times.
He had something like 29 previous convigtions !
He told the judge that he was a changed man and had learned his lesson.
So the judge let him out on bail again.

Look at this.
"Drug addict kills woman with his car while she was out shopping with her sister"
What did he get?
3 1/2 years !
What a load of Bollox.

There is a real opertunity to make money by building a private prison.
Charge the state for locking them up and reforming the prisoners.
No more softly softly.
Did you ever hear of the tent prison in America?Click here
They are trying to sue him.
"If these conditions are good enough for our boys in Iraq then surely they are good enough for criminals

Talking of lowlife I had 4 scumbags in the car the other day
Shirreff St to Temple St.
One of them started to be the big man so I stopped the car and asked him if he wanted to get out and prove he was the hard nut he thought he was.
Then his tone changed, "I'm only messin mister, can't ya take a joke?"
What they couldn't afford to happen was for the Garda to get interested in them and search them.
I told the boss to keep that nutcase on a lead or there would be trouble in the future...Yes...I got a tip.

But taxi drivers make money when buses are stopped.
My first lift on the morning of the crash was to Tallagh hospital, I stopped the meter at €25, even that was too much to pay just to go to work.
I try to treat others like I would like to be treated..
On that day I was BUZZIN  and I got 4 or 5 runs to the airport.
Now the second and third level students are off on their travels...Canada and the USA are calling.

I must say that I am stunned by a beautiful woman today.
She is here 7 years and a Philipena, long blond hair and really well dressed.
Going to the South Circular Rd.
A beautiful soft voice, but something was not quite right.
Her perfume filled the car and it was time to say goodbye.
Then as I turned around to take my money I noticed her hands, then the Adams apple .
But he really did look fantastic...

Life is so complicated.

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