Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The Giro D'Italia

    My grandson pulls his luggage along...He is in South Africa now
               Earthquake on Sheriff St ?
              If you are getting help with your election posters, don't employ an idiot
                       Under the dashboard  Loads of electrics.
 Welcome to McDaids pub on Harry st.One of Dublins finest pubs.

The big bicycle race will hit the streets of Dublin..Click here for more.

Designed by Computer

Manufactured by Robots

Driven by idiots.

The subject is cars !

I got a call while on the way to the airport the other day...Standard stuff to reject the call and ring back when it was safe. Before calling him back I popped into the Fliers cafe at the" Kesh" where taxi drivers are detained before going back into town or elsewhere.
So I put the tea on the dashboard while I made the call.only to learn that I had to be somewhere else so I put the car into gear and headed off.
Now the tops on the paper tea cups served at the cafe are not a snug fit, so when I shot off the tea tumbled over popping the lid off. As I watched in horror the sea of tea flood over the dashboard I was not quite ready for part 2.
The tea suddenly vanished down through the slots in the dashboard.
Next all the lights in the dashboard came on Red Amber and buzzers sounded as If I had not already noticed that something was going on.
Power steering gone I pulled in and after 3 goes I managed to switch the car off!
I ripped the top and front panels off the dashboard and started mopping up the tea.
No point in crying I drove the car home though she seemed to be on her last legs..

My car is a Toyota Prius Hybrid car. Very Hi Tec ! Not a good car to pour tea into the computer of.

The next day I tried it but a good few lights were coming on.so after another day I tried it again  I plugged in my "Scan Gague2" into its computer and cleared the faults.(look it up on Amazon.com)

Now she runs once again like a Toyota should.

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