Saturday, May 17, 2014

Loads of visitors

        One of the fleet of cruise ships coming to Dublin this year.
                                  Malahide Castle
             I found a sixpence! dated 1928
   My trusty coin dispenser..Called a piano by London taxi drivers

My youngest son drove into the footpath in my wife's car the other day.
He was letting an ambulance past.
He had burst the tyre and he drove on, no doubt with music turned up to the max !
He didn't hear the rumble from the deflated tyre or feel the drag on the steering wheel.
When he stopped the tyre was in shreds....

So when I started my day I put the wheel into my car and headed over to Drumcondra Advance tyre place.
But the HailO system kicked in and brought me from East Wall Rd to City West in Tallagh instead.
Heading back into town I picked up a job in Kimmage again on the HailO system, but for some strange reason the Garmin SatNav was having a joke and wanted to take me on to the M50 to pick him up. A few short calls later I was on my way to Manooth, another great job.
Then I picked up again on Conningham Rd via HailO to the Marker hotel, where I picked up my first street passenger...To Howth harbor yet another fantastic job.
I was going into Nickie's fish shop when the HailO went off again and brought me back into town to Baggott St, my passenger had been in my taxi before and she is a sculptor in Porcelain I saw her website.

Now I pulled into the taxi rank outside the Voila coffee shop to make a phone call and decided that I needed coffee, coming out 2 people approached me looking for directions. I gave them a map and directions putting my coin holder on the roof of the car while I spoke to them. Then I offered to take them there for €4.
They said no so I jumped in and said that the meter should start at €5.10 for such a trip and it would be 45 min. walk for them. So they jumped in and I brought them to the Burlington which now has a new name the 2 trees..
Saying goodbye I headed towards Ballsbridge and the HailO gave me another job which they cancelled when I was within 50 yards of pick-up. Turning down Ailesbury Rd. I got another HailO job from the Vincents private hospital over the East link and through the port tunnel to Swords.
Arriving at the housing estate I pulled up to turn right when something came clattering across the roof sliding down the windshield , bumping off the bonnet and onto the road...

My coin holder with around €80 in it!!!!!!! So amazed at my luck that I bought a Lotto ticket.

As my poor Daddy would say"whats seldom is wonderful"

The customer was giving out about the girl next door who is selling drugs from her house.
It was a comical scenario in one way to hear about the carry on,but deadly dangerous in another way.
While I was putting the coins back into the holder 4 young girls came over to the house and walked past me, they were giggling to each other with nerves. They were around 12 to 15 years old. One of them was very striking looking, there is a lot of heartbreak in drugs.

Someone should do something...

To be continued........

Only a day like this day could be better!!

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