Saturday, July 05, 2014

Terenure college

 All this week I was restoring a stone wall which collapsed.
When that is not your line of work it is a hard slog, seriously, it nearly killed me.
Years ago I could go up on a 40 ft ladder and run across a roof, now I get dizzy changing a light bulb.
I know if I went back to manual labor the old muscles would kick in again.

 Tomorrow in Terenure college the old lady's of the motor world will gather once more.

Morris Minor will rub wheels with Lagondas and Rolls Royces. Jaguars and Hillman Imps will feature,

Be there or be square !

Last year it rained all day, Pray for dry weather.

Paddy Cole will be there

Could life be better.

In a few days SAND will come to Dublin castle and the wonderful sand sculptures will appear.
It is free and great value at the price.

I had a really nice couple from the ferry to the conference center from the ferry.
None of the other drivers would take them. It was not worth their while.
I was last in the queue and they were really nice people.

I had a couple from New York to the Ritz Carlton hotel in Enniskerry today.
That hotel was so superior that no one could afford to go there.......So it went bust...
It is now a Merriot hotel..
I told my customers that I brought a honeymoon couple there one day, all they wanted to know was how to get into Dublin again.
"Look folks, this place is paradise, breathe the air,look at the view, listen to the birds singing. Look no further"
I don't know if they listened

When we arrived my passengers climbed out and I pulled over a trolly for the luggage.
A porter arrived and the cost of the journey was €42. He handed me a €50 and when I squeezed it there was another €10 note inside. "Hey you are making a mistake" I said,
"No it's for you, thanks for a great trip out here"

Its great when people are more than fantastic.

It makes my job so satisfying.

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