Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The marching season

The marching season is around 12th July.
When the Orange order demand that they be allowed to march in parades through Catholic areas.
So normal people quit the country.

3 photographs.

1 McDaids bar on Harry St., Formerly a Quaker meeting house.

2 A selection of screwdrivers in Nolans hardware store..I was stuck for a small screwdriver one day and went into Halfords all I could get was sets of screwdrivers..
Even the smallest hardware could offer you a selection of individual ones

3 This house is in the Terenure area, it is not a nursing home or a hotel.
A customer told me it is owned by a publican, he bought it from a property developer.
It is one hell of a house, no wonder the pint went up.

Great sympathy for the Brazilians here in Dublin.
Still they are strong people and no doubt they will be supporting Argentina.

 I have been working at other things for a few days. A little bit of work building and painting and a little bit of taxi.. Painting and building it is really strange how the muscles ache when you do something you are not used to doing.

I don't watch much TV, but I use it to sleep to.
The other day I saw this.

You can find more on you tube.

I suppose every country has its disadvantages Now here is a really nice time lapse clip showing Dublin

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