Saturday, March 28, 2015

It's the time to Spring forwards

Few customers will have impressed me as much as this English couple.
In the hundreds of people they remain to the forefront of my memory.

I had bought the Sunday paper and I had pulled on to the taxi rank at the Conrad Hilton hotel on Earlsfort Tce. Before I opened the paper a lady stopped beside me in her car asking for directions to Baggott St.
As I was telling her the concierge from the hotel came out with a couple and started to blow his whistle to bring me forward. As I pulled up a suitcase was thrown into the boot and the couple jumped in.
"Airport"Came the word.
No good morning,lovely day, nothing, but "Airport! "

With people you would try to be polite, you speak to to them, shorten the journey.
"Lovely dress you are wearing, Charity shop job?" etc.

With this pair there would be no chit chat, they were having a row, it sounded just like a cement mixer filled with gravel going around to clean it at the end of the day.

I mentioned that they were making a movie on Fitzwilliam Sq when the woman leaned forward.

"Driver do you think we're fucking stupid?
We're going to the airport, not on a fucking sight seeing tour"
Well there is an answer to her type. You pull over and you kick them out...
End of story.

But on this day I bit my tongue and turned on the radio low and drove on.

Did you ever hear of a thing called Karma ?
It is at its simplest.

What goes round comes round, you don't behave
Shit happens !

Well we pulled into departures and I took out his suitcase. 
(I had his change in my hand) "There you are sir I hope you allowed enough time for your flight?"
"Course I have ya moron"
"I am just saying it because that change in the hour last night really fucked up my day!"
"Watts ya taking about ya bloody idiot?"

"Its Summer time ! The clocks went forward an hour last night !"

As I watched the information sank in, he had missed his flight
As the seconds passed his face slowly dissolved as he realized that he had indeed missed his flight.

Good manners costs nothing and it goes along way

By the way don't you forget to turn your clock forwards one hour before you go to bed tonight.

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