Sunday, May 24, 2015

First in the world

 Last the night it became clear that the Irish people have crawled out from under the foot of the Irish Catholic church by voting for full marriage rights for same sex couples.Not just civil partnership but full marriage rights.
The church has done themselves no favors in recent years in the manner that they conducted themselves.

Last night the Gay community went wild celebrating into the dawn.
Taxis out of town could not be found until around 6 am.

Well the whole debate was interesting to say the least.
One barrister said there were 400 differences between full marriage and civil partnership !
One guy told of how his partner had been injured and the hospital said that as he was not next of kin he could not be allowed in, even though they had a civil partnership.

The church said that every child should have a mother and a father at a time when one father was sentenced to 17 years for raping and sexually abusing his daughters Click here if you dare.
So he was found guilty on 75 charges
His wife Mother of the children is standing by him.
God bless us all.

I remember back when the divorce referendum was going on.
A friend of mine was canvassing outside the church in Rathmines and the priest came out and started pushing her around. Luckily Shela found an ally in a passing man who punched him on the shoulder and nearly sent him to the promised land.
"Fuck off father back into your chapel and if I see you back out here again I will kill you"
No more problems for the duration of the campaign. (Which was carried)

So it is a special time for people who are gay and for their parents as well.

And a few words from an openly gay man on what it is to be gay in Ireland

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