Sunday, May 10, 2015

VE day

I have been trying to updte this 4 times, lets hope it works this time,
It did !

70 years since the second world war ended in Europe.

Germany invaded Poland and Europe went to war.

Then when the war was over the victors settled things between themselves and gave Poland to Russia, not  very just result for the Polish people.
I really didn't know that until a Polish customer filled me in.

Strange to say it took me a long time to realize the significance when my hairdresser told me that she was Armenian,
Then only after cutting my hair a few times she told me how more than one million of her people were exterminated by the Turkish people,
So most Armenians now live all over the wold and hope one day to find justice..

The killing began on 24th of April 1915 100 years ago.

At least I know now.

Denial was a big thing back in Germany after the war for many long years,

It is really big in Turkey today.

Kim Kerdashian is Armenian.

Have a look

On Friday I popped down to the Shipping port and got a Londoner heading to the Airport.
He was chatty enough, one thing that was a little odd about him and it still rattles around in my brain.
As we approached the airport I asked if he was heading to one of the car parks.
 "No mate Air France"
So it turnrd out that he is going to Cairo Egypt with no ticket booked.
Now if you are in the UK you have 3 or 4 airports in London and others in Manchester Etc.
Why would you come to Dublin?
Though if you were an English passport holder and were heading to a terrorist training camp in Egypt you might want to depart from an airport which might be a  less security conscious just like Dublin.
He also had no ticket booked which was very strange.

I looked at him heading to the desk when a guy came up to me and asked me if  I would take a Brazilian girl into Parnell St.
I said sure and she hopped in. "Here's €25, take to this place" saying the name 4 times..Her English was good enough,  my mind started thinking what was wrong in this situation?

Foreign language students come mostly  in small groups,

She was around 26  a bit too old.

They often stay with host families.

The man who handed her over didn't come with her as well.

.My logical and wisest thought was that he was a pimp overseeing a change of shift and he had a lot more girls to meet.

Dublin is full of "Working girls"their morality is not for me to question.

In Amsterdam everything is regulated.
Here in Dublin the girls really suffer badly at the hands of their criminal pimps.

Ruhama are a small group where the help the girls instead trying to put them into prison.

One scumbag lowlife I once met had worked out a plan to give his girls heroin to keep them in line.
As addicts they never complained about how many clients they had to serve, they never ran away and he even had some to sell and he had free samples which he used to recruit new girls.
All very well worked out very well for him.
The drug dealers loved to party at his places and all in the garden was rosy for him,

I hope he dies in a lot of pain.

I would like that the Police would do a lot better, but they are so bad that I can only conclude that they are involved in the business in a big way.

Imagine Operation Quest not being able to find St Johns Rd in Sandymount a few years ago?

YES It really happened.

If you don't think this is going on try to Google "Dublin escorts"

I will let Karen Carpenter say Goodbye to Love

Do you get the significance?

If you are going to become a call girl it is goodbye ti love

Then another thing I saw in Old  Havana was a guy with a beer crate with tools he was putting in new flints into Bic disposable lighters and re filling them, he can't have been making much..

Real poverty there

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