Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hard to find a place to lay your head down

A Canadian clown owns this circus, once the richest clown in the world.Donald Trump is now the new champion

The groom walks down the street in a bridal gown carrying a giant Penis

My ship from Japan has come through the oceans into the Mediterranean sea 
I bought a car in Japan and it is making its way little by little. The ship is called the Hoegh Trotter and there is an app which allows you to trace a ship as it crosses the oceans.
I was glad that it got away from the Somalian pirates and then through the Suez canal.

Chinese new year is coming Click here to follow the events.

My first job today was a guy from Lithuania who had been sharing a 4 bedroom house with 3 other guys.Then the landlord kicked them out and he has not been able to find a place.
I brought him up to Donnycarney where he was renting a room from a family
Accommodation is a really big problem. Places which are on offer are really bad. A girl from Brazil told me that she has to sleep in a bed with another girl. "She is a stranger to me it is awful"

I know a house in Rathmines where 40 girls live in a 3 bedroom house !

Bunk beds 3 high.What a opportunity for the spread of TB or worse.
Each one leaves and someone else jumps into their bed straight away.

Google HQ is in Seattle Washington USA. When they moved in they squeezed out the local people, a tent city appeared filled with people who couldn't afford the rents.
The solution was simple.
Bulldoze the encampments and kick the people out.

In a brave new world run by Donald Trump expect to see more of that.

If you click here you can see how things can change for the white people in South Africa.

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