Sunday, February 05, 2017

Sting in the tale

Looking up at the 3 way bridge at Google HQ on Barrow st

The Urban Turban or Aviva stadium

Foggy headlamps? Here is the cure

Someone in Ireland won €88 million. here are some garden ornaments.
 More good news was in the Sunday Times about bankers jailed for fraud Click here
There was a program on the BBC about a small business that suffered at their hands and the fight they had to to fight be heard, It cost the bank £245 Million.
The bank wouldn't listen, or the police or the serious fraud office Etc Etc.
Great to have closure though.
In Ireland people spoke about Anglo Irish bank and Mr.Fitzpatrick its boss, I recall one protester was tod by a politician to take a gun and a bottle of whiskey and go to a dark room. (To kill himself)
Billions of debt were passed on to the Irish people, though prison sentences have been passed down the times are very lenient.

The last time I posted I wrote about overcrowding in Dublin.
A house in Cabinteely has just created a new city record.
70 people in one house Click here for more

We are turning into a nation of money pinching mean people for sure.

The more you try the luckier you get.

Now for something completely different.

Sting is on a world tour and tickets are not cheap.
In Argentina a ticket would cost you around an average months wage.
Then after the show you could have your photo take with Sting.
But he is not like Daniel O'Donnell.
He charges for the photos single photo, nearly a months wage a group 2 months wages.
He really doesn't need the money himself.
Perhaps its the roadies? who knows?

But its a cheap sucker punch to the fans.

Its a bit like concert tickets coming on sale for U2 for example and sold out in 3 minutes only to appear on websites at vastly inflated prices 10 minutes later.

We have now passed a law which makes it illegal to re sell tickets above face value

Fields of gold indeed

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