Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hit the ground running

A new "BABY" in my drive

Franz Harary speaks

She had a light lunch, now she floats on air

I was at the Blackpool 65th magic convention, which included the European FISM magic championships.
I am all magicked out just too much to see.
I met up with Franz Hirary the magician who is a man who believes that more is better.
He is a real gent and spoke to us about creation of effects for a big list of acts he produces special effects for Micheal Jackson thriller and then the list went on.
His magical venue in Macau which is fit to rival Las Vegas.
He is everywhere but a real down to earth person, not like some I could think of.
Look at this

When I came back I hit the ground running, back to work and now the big excitement of HailO changing to Mytaxi.
You invent a taxi app it becomes a success, others come along.
Then you accept an offer to take over and change the name.
I really think it is a change for the worse.

A poor old dirty junkie standing on James St the other day. I did a Uie and picked him up for Ballymun..Talking 19 to the dozen he was. A big man in a blue car gave him a very dirty look from the other lane..Look at big pig there he tried to pin a drugs haul on me last month. Useless fecker when me mate got shot all they wanted to know was if he had any "gear" on him,the lad that shot him took all the rings off his fingers and his watch and emptied his pockets. He had nothing left on any value.
They have no one in the frame, to them its just another one gone.
Yo know it is a very sad situation.
The only solution would be  to take out the main importers and strip their wealth away,but the cops are on the take, so it won't happen.
Then again these guys employ the very best legal teams.

If I had the answer to those problems I wouldn't be driving a taxi.

God but this woman was tense. Like an elastic band wound up so tight that she might snap.
En route she relaxed a bit and she told me of the pressure of work and her alcoholic husband who kept falling off the wagon, I told her about Robin Sharma and how he brings you around to thinking in a different way. 
His book "The monk who sold his Ferrari" is very famous.
When she got out she promised to look him up on the internet.
Have a goo yourself.


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