Sunday, February 12, 2017

Not long now

Well the Chinese new year has come and gone.
Its hard to get used to, I was writing a check yesterday and I had to tear it up.
I wrote down Monkey instead of Rooster.
My Chinese granddaughter is 6 now, no blood relation. I just keep adopting people.

I had a girl in the taxi the other day going from Dundrum to the airport.
She suggested the M50 but I said that its after 10am so the traffic will not be so bad the toll bridge and the tunnel is best. So off we went.
Arriving at the airport I turned off the meter and put in the €26 fare plus €10 for the tunnel and €1.75 for the bridge.
A text came soon after "you have overcharged me !!!"
So I corrected it and sent a text back
Her rep;y came back "The next time take the M50".

The big problem with motorways is that when something happens the motorway becomes a car park.
I did most of that journey today while on another job and it worked out at €65 on the motorway, I know it was Sunday rate but.
It would be great if you could do both journeys and then ask them which way they want to pay for.

I worked the airport for a while and a lady going to Blackrock wanted to go via the M50 and was adamant that that was the way to go, I showed her the map and said "trust me"
At journeys end the cost was 1/3 of what it usually cost her.
She was so disgusted that she didn't even give me a tip.

Thats gratitude

So its only a few short days until the Blackpool magic convention and so My new year will begin again.

They dance surrounded by cool water it's the Stardust memorial
There is a pillar for everyone who died.

Last week it was neat and tidy, railings covered in sticky paint and the grass neatly cut.

At this time of the year around Coolock people remember the children who never came home.
A St.Valentines dance 1981 with 841 kids packed on the dance floor, a fire broke out and the fire doors were locked. 48 kids died and 214 were injured.

The owners got £3 million compensation and the injured and dead got nothing.
Injustice is a hard and bitter pill to swallow.

Click here for more

So in Blackpool one year I was in the lounge of a very popular hotel at midnight where I found the doors all locked shut, The fourth door at the far end of the lounge was open, I went out and I thought
"What if ?"
So when I came home I found the number of the local police station.
"No you have to ring XXXXXX XXXX"Came the constables reply.

I simply asked her name.

I told her about the Stardust disaster.

"I am ringing you from Ireland and you are the person with a post of responsibility.
Its not your job I know.
But it would be great for you that you did something today which saved 40 lives !
Think about it"

The next time I went there all the doors were unlocked.

My problem was that one of the assholes there might let off some kind of a flash effect which would cause a big panic.

Job well done.


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