Monday, April 17, 2017

A morning sprinter ...

A proper Chinese meal. Happy birthday Judy

A giraffe display in a store

A hotly disputed clamp with 3 sides arguing

Pints settle down in the local...No rush.

Easter is a time to go away so on Sunday morning the streets were very quiet.
I pulled into a well known hotel and waited for 15 minutes, no action so I started to move off.
At the last second I saw the concierge waving to me. I stopped and reversed.
A Turkish family heading to Istanbul.
Nice one.
So I drove them to the airport.

On the way back I cut through Northwood. There are plenty of airport workers looking for a run  to work. A young couple from Romania and showed me the address on their mobile phone. Bunratty drive Coolock. The were arguing among themselves a bit and then the girl exploded in Romanian at the top of her voice.
But as I didn't understand the language it didn't matter to me.
We reached the address and then I hit the meter.
"No I staying, turn around "he said as she ran off to the house.
He told me to stop at a place facing the house which would have caused a crash, so I moved around the corner.
He watched and looked out the back window.
Then I remembered that the cctv camera chip was in my pocket and I turned on the radio as I put the chip into the device and turned it on. I hit the volume as the sound of the camera starting came on and I had my hand over the mirror image while I turned the screen off.
After a while he rang her.
There was a slurping sound as she spoke, perhaps she was eating noodles or soup.
2 minutes she came out the front door her top down over her hips and she was legging it like an Olympic sprinter, bare breasts exposed in the bright morning sunlight.
She pulled up her top as she got in and we headed back to Northwood.
Her phone rang "No I am just talking with my friend in the taxi and I will be back in a minute"
Whatever she was doing she got well paid for it. She gave her pimp all the money.(I looked at image from the chip) So the fair was €28 with a €2 tip.

For me this worked out ok

For her I don't think she knows what she is messing with.

Dublin is a small town. He will see her some day and make a phone call to his mates.

"A body was found today with her throat slashed, Garda are looking for witnesses"

After that the day was boring.

For drivers, if you carry CS spray you could be sued with the angle that you carried the spray to attack people.
We all suffer from muscular stress and need to use that deep heat spray.
So you carry that just in case your shoulder starts acting up.
You get a bit of masking tape and tape a piece of thick string or wire to the back of the can over the top to where the nozzle is pointing.
So when you pick it up you know which way its pointing.
So if you shoot you wont maze yourself.

It stops you soiling your pants as well.

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