Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Twice on the same day

A thing of beauty for sure. A British built Citroen it might go back to the 30s
It had been driven from London with no problems apart from a flat wheel.

Sunday can be a funny day at the best of times, last Sunday was no exception.
A guy carrying 2 heavy bags approached me at the Pennys taxi rank.

I knew the minute I stopped he was a bogey one.
The smell of drink of him nearly made me drunk as well.
Where to? was met with.
"Where the big church is where you buy drugs with the police there."
I tell you no lie, many places in Dublin will match that description.

"I show you, No wrong way!!
Why everybody shut"
Sunday I said.
"Fuck Sunday" he said we go back home

No money, but a bottle of Jack Daniels bridged the gap in his finances.
He had a hell of a scar from his right ear to his mouth.
I guess someone had settled a score with him once.
By the look of things he was heading for far worse.

The second guy came off the ferry later that day.

There is almost no border control at the ferry port and the gangsters and crooks know it.

I would say he came from Albania. "City center and stop at a bank link"
At the filling station leaving the port there is 2 machines. I watched him. €5.30 on the meter
He tried one card after another while talking on the phone all the time.
Finally with €8.50  on the clock I stood on the gas and drove away.
The voice in my head told me I was mad to have picked him up in the first place.
Then I met a father and son walking out of the port.
A €20 job and no hassle.

A couple of days ago they stopped a hit man coming into the country by airplane, he had a chopping list.
By ferry he would have sailed through.(No pun intended)

There are a lot of people in Ireland who are not who they say they are.
Some people are even 2 or 3 different people.
In Las Vegas they developed a system called "The Griffin Book" to spot cheats coming into the casinos. It has been fine tuned on computer and people drawing benefits in 5 or 6 different guises have been caught,
Still you can get it badly wrong sometimes.
I remember a guy with MS getting in as I tried to drive away, I thought he was mad drunk.
I really felt such a heel as he was a real nice guy.

A shooter took a taxi to their targets house, shot his granny in the leg, had a cigarette and then went back to the taxi and drove off  again.
The word is that there is video footage.

In Venezuela they have only Summer, she said that they came here in October.
It was so cold I thought I would die. The trees were bare and I thought this is an awful place.
But now Spring is here and the trees have flowers on them
It is so wonderful.
WE don't have the seasons only Summer.
I had to ask her if she was a dancer, because of the way she moved.
She laughed out loud. I was a ballet dancer, how did you know.
Just the way you moved your hands, it was like you were dancing,

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