Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Schools are back

The lions at Clontarf Castle are waiting

The gasometer down at Google

I just thought I would stick in a video clip.
If it works I will give you more.

Well it came all too fast, summers over and the swallows will soon be gone.
I was in Holland a while ago and now I am off to Barcelona for my break.

While I am gone behave yourselves.

On Sept 12th the taxi drivers big day out takes place.
This year take part..Ring 087 1213344
or 086 3701215  Its the very best thing 
you could do.  
An unlikely lady in the car the other day, she is devorsed from her husband and the row over property
and other assets from the marriage.
 "He was and is a bully, so ind I went to a solisator who was recommended. After a while waiting she came in in a sharply cut suit and stiletto shoes and fishnet stockings. All she was short of was the whip to put manners on the bastard.
I had found my warrior" It should be an interesting battle.
"He was Ok until I found my present partner Antonio an Italian, romantic and passionate.
It was like trading in a Fiat Panda and getting a top sports car, Tom is really scared of him which is great" 
I wished her well for the future. 

I met a senior driver the other day. New 2017 car as well.
He didn't exactly land on his feet though.
He was coming along on the motorway when the car in front of him stopped dead.
He had no brake light warning  and he smashed into it. Both cars a write off.
The insurance company said that the taxi was at fault as he should have had a longer stopping distance...
I wouldn't like to be paying his insurance.
Then he found that he had bowel cancer, it has been a long road back to work.

He had one of the strangest things happen to him a few years ago,
Someone won €9 million in his area and the press were snooping around the shop looking for the winner. He went into the shop for a pack of mints and a young lad said. 
"Hey mister did you win the Lotto?" 
He said yea sure I did and then the press landed on his door and hounded him for months,
So be sure to keep it under your hat, 

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