Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Years 1/2 gone

American car 1968 with a 7.5 liter engine.

Ellen Webb puts the finishing touches to her mural near the Clontarf bus garage

The great Gatsby is running in the Gate theater, the audience are coming dressed in 1920s style

My new car has a strange problem.Rain on the mirrors, this was the solution.

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Yesterday I picked up a girl from Alberta Canada, her accent had the slightest tone in her voice which was hard to spot. It was like eating a stew with an unusual spice in it, not a strong one, but a super addition.
Her mother was from Colombia and a great talker.
She was going to Wellington Place, so without checking with Mr Google I set sail for Wellington Rd. When I got there she said "No this is not the place, its near the Mater hospital.
Mistakes happen, thats why God puts a rubber on the end of the pencil.
She was really great company. On arrival we had to make 3 or 4 calls on my mobile to locate her cousin. While we were waiting she told me that from the time she was 11 years old she worked with her mother cleaning offices, getting up at 4am ans scrubbing toilets in offices and homes. (" I suppose it was illegal too")But it taught her what a sacrifice her mother had to make to send her to college, so she worked hard.

Then at last the bride to be arrived and we unloaded,
"I can't go just like that she said, give me a hug"
You can't give away a hug and I got a good warm one back.

Some people remain in the taxi long after they are gone.

Today she is at her cousins wedding on a wet Wednesday morning.

Settling back in my finances have started to flow again, business is booming, its the top of the tourist season and the World and his wife are visiting here.
Driving a taxi is like being a fisherman though.
Sometimes days are great and other days can be bad.

I often say that the law is an ass, the other day I read that a woman who had been badly beaten by her husband couldn't enforce a barring order against him because she couldn't pay the legal costs.
While 2 Travelers with around 120 convictions for robbery and assault stands in court after beating a woman of almost 90 to deaths door.
He stands there with free legal aid, its far from right.
here is a link Click here
Domestic violence is a hard one as the kids suffer badly.
Yet every criminal who arrives in court for multiple previous offenses gets free legal aid.

Something completely different

Taxi special day out is 12th September, be there or be square