Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Dublin horse show

As I am an idiot when it comes to computers I find that the photos will not load.
Tomorrow I will go to Andrew to ask him why. So we will continue with sound and no vision.
The Dublin horse finished today, thousands of horse lovers from all over the world gathered in Dublin, a fantastic event. America won the jumping trophy and great fun was had by one and all.
There was an armored BMW heading over to the event. I know the car it gives 8 mpg!!!
I spoke to the driver once after driving 2 miles on my battery after I had run out of petrol.
It weighs 3 tonnes (Whatever that is in new money)

I was in Kerry visiting my relations and we went to the Blasket Island to show my brother in law where my ancestors came from, the island of writers and story tellers.
Irish history is strange.
Driving back to Dublin in around 4 hours.
My back decided to go into spasm.
Taxi drivers should own a 4 mile dog.
4 miles every morning .
4 miles every evening.
My 3 mile dog died a few years ago.

Anyhoo as they say in Canada things progress.
Today they had a road race and closed off the Sam Bcekett bridge and the Quays, I got a MyTaxi call and the location was wrong, she was not helpful at all, then she didn't believe me that the bridge was closed.
"Its not on the internet"
So I offered to driver her towards the bridge to show her, "Whatever".
I made a minor detour and crossed through 2 red lights. Then another one through Abbey St.
The car behind me pulled along beside me. 2 armed Garda and it became 20 questions time.
Look Nothing was coming! ++++++=
No I don't drive through red lights all the time.
No I am not blind.Etc Etc

Look! this lady thinks that I am trying to scam her, tell her that the bridge is shut and then you can take her to Dundrum yourself while you are at it.

He gave up at that and drove off.
She the grumpy bitch held on to her grudge and gave me the exact fare at journeys end.

One other job that sticks out was a Canadian lady heading out to the Clayton airport hotel (Bewleys)
As I went in to the hotel to validate my parking ticket a flock of flight attendants came out and I said
They stopped and laughed, Japanese girls, they were all around 5'9 and looked great.

Next week I will bring a note book. Promise.
Then came the sad news that Eugen Burger had died. I love magic and I have met Eugene a few times
RIP Eugene

Have a great week.

Where do my readers come from?

Hello Norway
United States
Hong Kong
United Kingdom

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