Sunday, September 24, 2017

Been there done that.

The photo thing is still a mess 
I'm back, I did 2 jobs today and tomorrow I will work for a full day.

Its really great how we can hop around Europe thanks to Ryanair.

Except Ryanair really let down their customers in a super spectacular fashion this week.

Thousands left stranded!

So if it it happens to you, go to a railway station and buy a Eurail pass It will take you right across Europe by train in a few hours. It was the way to go in the 80s and its still good.

There is also a European bus network!!!

Big news from London Uber is being kicked out.
Security is the issue, things happened and were not reported to the Police.
Then there was the vetting process.
I had a few people in my taxi who told me about Uber very scary stories.

An app for calling a licensed taxi is one thing

Calling Joe Bloggs just out of prison in an unlicenced car which is also not insured as a taxi is another completely different thing.

Back again soon

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