Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Magic moment....... Almost

I liked Barcelona a lot, I would like to spend a month there.
There was a magic shop in the middle of Barcelona, the oldest one in Europe they said.
I went there twice, the first time a guy was trying to make up his mind as to which deck of cards he would buy? He couldn't decide and the lady behind the counter didn't suggest that she would attend to the two other people waiting.
I had a fantastic magic trick which is so different that I thought she might be amused and put it into production. No patience, I went.
On Sunday we went back as we wanted to visit the Picasso museum (It was really good) 

He was setting up shop and I showed it to him.
Do you know how it works?
Svengalli !!
No I said,
Rough and smooth?
Then he said long and short, (Its not) So I just said you're right and went.

I will try to record it and show you,
You will be amazed..

So popping around the place and 3 Syrian guys jumped in.
Where are you going?
They hold up a mobile fone with tiny letters,
I can't read it its too small.

I did hear a place followed by Tallagh.
So I headed off.
I sensed that there was something up and I asked the guy on the front seat to put in on my google maps.
Shit it was weird !
Took me up towards Harrolds cross then turn around to go on the canal...
Sat navs never err????
Then out the Naas duel carriageway then on to the M50.

Then it hit me they were going to Charlestown in Finglas,,,

Look lads, this is a mistake. 
Not mine and not yours. 
To make it right I will turn off the meter and just charge you €25.. 

We all make mistakes that is why God puts a rubber on the end of a pencil.

Lads practice saying Cherlestown Finglas for the next time

My son gave me a poem it could be every taxi drivers prayer.

Click here   

OK here is one of the nicest guys in Magic. I have met him 4 times and he is fantastic

And a really great magician.
What do you think ? 


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