Wednesday, September 13, 2017


"Where are we honey?"
"Why its Thursday, we must be in Rome." 

Tomorrow is Thursday and I am in Holland.

Business, "What kind of business?"
"Mind your own business kind of business" 

So there is a photo behind the bar in Clearys pub in Aimiens St. (Best pint of Guinness)
I looked at it and the barman laughed at me.
"Don't tell me that you don't recognize Luke Kelly?"
Probably 18 years old no beard, a true folk hero, a fantastic photo.
Worth a look if you are a fin in Aimiens St.

A good few years ago I got a job to Phil Coulters house in Bray.
As I was handing over the parcel I saw Phils piano in the sitting room.
I asked and I was told that this was his one and only and original piano.  
"Could I please put my hand on it?"
She obliged and I really felt the energy from what this tool had produced such great songs,
With a little help from Mr.Coulter.

Coulter had a downs syndrome child and he wrote this song and he insisted that Luke sang it.


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