Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I was away for a long weekend at the Worlds biggest magic festival.
We all need a little bit of magic in our lives and this must be the best of its kind.
More than 4,000 delegates 150+ magic dealers
Competitions for best.
Comedy magic
Stage magic
Childrens magician
Close up magician     Etc Etc

Paul Daniels told me
"John in this life MAGIC is as much fun as you can have without taking your clothes off "

The town of Blackpool was big up to the 60s when cheap flights took people to the sun.
Now it is very run down.
But they are building a new convention center.

Magic and me go away back.
I did a great trick for a guy years ago who sold his bookie business in Ringsrend,
off to the airport. I was practicing the "Elmsley count" a big part of a trick called B'wave.
He asked me to show him.
I did and he was floored !
The cost to the airport was £15 way back then and he gave me £20

"Would you accept Sterling ?"
I went to give back the  £20
He then gave me £60 Sterling.

I was confused.

"No No its all for you
That was fantastic"

He was from Bristol and I told him where he could buy it.

Every time I pass Ladbrookes I think of him

Here is the trick

There was a guy WHO IS BLIND doing incredible card magic he was there


The dealers hall 2015

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