Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dying in Dublin

This guy had a big place in broadcasting for many years

I picked her up near St.Vincents hospital going to Church St.
On the way she told me about her friend who was diagnosed with cancer in January, at 26 years old you never think of dying. She had held back about telling and worrying her mother.
Just hoping to get better.
Then her mother was told and she is flying in with her sister to arrive on Monday.
But it seems like she might have died before then, she was very weak.
She paid with a credit card, touch and go.It beeped and then just before I turned off the SumUp card reader I read the message "Communication error!" I hadn't been paid and she was gone.
I had rung her before she got into the taxi so I rang her again, then sent a text.
Later on she texted me and we arranged to meet om Monday at her English school to get paid.
I met Virginia from Brazil and later on that evening she sent me a text that the girl used to be in her English class and she knew her.
On Monday morning Virginia sent the message
"John she is with the angels, she died this morning."
I sent a text to the customer and told her to give the money to the girls mother.
I had put the transaction through the MyTaxi app and they would be taking 12% out of that.
Fair play I wrote in and they refunded the 12%

God bless her, I hope her mother made it to her bedside in time to say goodbye.

I could easily see how you would tell your folks back home that you were fine so as not to worry anyone.

So today the snow came, then more snow.
Tomorrow the airport will be closed, all buses stopped from 7pm and they are off all day tomorrow.
I went out and drove around, I found work.
The big problem with bad snow or flooding is that if you damage your car you get no compensation from anyone.
You also get "€25 ? it was only €18 yesterday"

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