Saturday, February 24, 2018

We beat the welsh !!!!!

 I saw this trick preformed on the train going between Blackpool and Manchester.
I sent away my £20.. Can you guess how its done?????????????????/

Fantastic weather at the moment, but things are set to become worse.
So enjoy it while you can.
The Welsh arrive in this weekend to play rugby and sing out of key.
They were beaten so there will be crying in Temple Bar tonight.

With this job the minute you step back into your taxi after being away its like you never left.

One of the first people back in the taxi was going to the four courts, facing bankruptcy he could not afford legal representation.
He had bought property and told me a chunk of his history.
A brother in law worth €20 million who just hung up when he asked for help.

As I wished him well two elderly men got in and they were going to Crumlin. The had spent the early part of the morning filing in papers to send their sister into the nursing home scheme. She was not able to act on her own behalf.
Sad to come to the end of life while living in the twilight zone.
But it could be worse, think of Syria.
A shipping clerk was a refugee from Damascus,  he had been asked to attend the FAS center in Ballyfermot to have his skills accessed. I was not sure which exact road the place was on.
So he rang her and asked and the answer came.
"Are you fuckin thick? Its in Ballyfermot !"
I nearly crashed the car as I struggled to get the phone from him, but I shouted at her and told her that she would be the one drawing the benefits if I had anything to do with it.
"That is no way to speak to anyone."

He praised me and said he did not want things made worse for him.
 Then he told me this
"In the Koran it is said that if there is ever war and bloodshed in Damascus it will signal the end of the world. 
What is written in the Koran is the truth"

We had arrived and we wished each other long life  and good health.
I would still love to have nailed that bitch on the telephone though. 
If I had a shipping company I would employ him in a flash, fluent Arabic, French and not bad English, plus he would know his way around the shipping forms.
Smallest house on Careysfort ave

Spring has sprung with snow to come

3 Wheeler food van

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