Monday, June 25, 2018


 An American gent in the taxi with his daughter of 16.
He was 84 He had a great wit and was showing his daughter Dublin.
There is truth in the saying that many's the sweet tune is played on an old fiddle.
He was a barrister and was looking for the Dublin of his youth, Where is this? Gone? Then there used to be a book store called Greens? Gone as well?
Then he said that San Francisco of his youth is gone as well. But if you can pick up the pieces if you know where to look.
"Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair"

Ireland is having a heatwave, we were hotter than Rio today.
Do you know what ? We deserve it.
Irish weather is cold wet and dull. My God you should see all the beautiful ladys passing by. Fantastico !

If I wrote about half the people I meet I would be here all night so I give you a few highlights.

Again I picked up an Indian lady who starts and finishes each sentence with your name.
"John, its a beautiful day John"She said my name at least 100 times. But I was not shocked as I came across this a month ago as well. An Indian man told me that this was common practice in some regions of India.
Then her mother rang her on Skype.
"Oh mother this is John My driver, Isn't he handsome?" turning the fone over to me where I addressed her mother who runs a traditional dance school in India.
The World has become very small for sure.
India is a country with a language for every city and a religion for every day of the year.
This in turn leads to many religious festivals.
The beautiful sarees worn by the women and turbans worn by the men have really vivid colors, they lift my heart and make me feel good when I see them.
They can cost thousands of euro for a wedding one.

With the magic of computers enjoy this moment of fashion.

You know that mark on the womans forehead?
I couldn't go without showing you this.

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