Monday, June 04, 2018

Fantastic Summer and festivals

 The tall ships race pulled into the port, just 3 ships. Very disappointing.

the other as I came on to the seafront a beautiful cruise liner drifted into the port of Dublin.
You never saw such a beautiful sight,the sea was like glass and the sun was intense.

Dublin in the sunshine is another place altogether.Click here

The other day coming back from the airport via Northwood I got a call on the app which cost them around €65
It was to "The Lyons Estate"(Click on it) former home of Tony Ryan of Ryanair fame, he spent more than €85 million doing it up and tried to sell it for €25 million.
Now it has passed back into the family again.
What a place, the €uromillions couldn't buy it

I will try to give one  chance to the looser from time to time, badly dressed but in need of a taxi.
So the other day I brought 2 guys from Ballymun down to the Autoban pub where there is a methadone clinic, they came back to the car and I brought them back €8 fair they gave me €10 and a present of a scratchcard and wished me luck.
They need lots of luck for sure.
You never know how it might go.
Try giving them a chance to do good sometimes.

That's the way it goes swings and roundabouts.

A cousin of mine died in Killarney and on Tuesday I drove there and back for the funeral.
My wife told me how long it would take and told me that she would have my dinner ready when I came back 192 miles each way(As the crow flies). Try as I might I missed the service by 40 minutes, but I made it to the graveyard in time for the final farewell.I just handed in my card, spoke to the cousins and headed off again.
Two big mistakes I should have left 2 hours sooner and took 1/2 hour off on the way down.
Then I should have had a meal before going back a 400 mile round trip is too much.
I got back safe and sound but my stomach went mental and I couldn't eat after all that.
I had Gaviscon and went to bed.

Willy my cousin was a Gardner in Muckross house for most of his life and lived for nature,

Rest in peace  your work is done.

Then back to work, but I took a 1/2 day off as I am cream crackered ! (Knackered)

I kinda hit a lucky streak on Thursday and Friday loads going on

Here is a lucky miss. Thank God I have a dashcam !!!!

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