Friday, August 03, 2018

Security with a big T

What a beautiful house. Pembrooke Rd

What engineering ! each wheel steers. It can go sideways !

People waiting to get off the Irish ferries ship Uilisies the biggest RoRo ferry in the world.

Have you ever had your car stolen?
If it is the tool by which you make your living you are going to have a hard time.
My present Prius has a" Proximity key"
So key in pocket you walk up to the car and when you touch the door handle the car unlocks.Then you get into the car and without putting the key into anything you press the button and off you go.
At journeys end you press the button again, the car shuts down and you take the key out of your pocket and lock the car.
The key is sending out a signal all the time!
A guy could come up to your house with the keys in the hall and pick up the signal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Then he drives away in your car...
We have 2 cars with proximity keys and I am a bit worried.
One customer from Canada had who lives in London had 2 BMWs stolen, another guy had his BMW stolen and bought a Volvo with a KEY..
 Now they can be bypassed as well.
For the solution an immobilizer switch would be great.
I the meantime I keep my keys in a tin box on the hall table.

I will take time to look around and I will write to that great magazine "Car Mechanics"

Did you hear about the woman who had a problem and she sent it to them instead of the agony aunt?

Dear Laura,
Today when I was going to work I was around a mile from my house when my car cut out and refused to start again. I rang my husband and got no answer, so I walked the mile back to my house.

Imagine my surprise when I caught my husband of 36 in the bedroom with the blonde girl from next door who is only 18..
I don't know what to do as I am 38!
I hope you can help me?

Yours Carry.

The reply came back sharpish.

Dear Carry
We in the workshop have discussed your problem and we believe that your problem was caused by dirty fuel or a blocked fuel line. If you can drain the fuel tank  and then change the fuel filter you will have many more miles of trouble free motoring ahead of you.
Charlie in the workshop also suggests that you check the leads going to the coil.

We hope this solves all your problems.
If not contract us again, perhaps a diagnostic check will solve your problem.

As they say Men are from Mars
Women are from Venus

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