Monday, August 06, 2018

You must visit Dalkey


a V12 6 carburetor monster!!!

An Aston Martin racing car in "Racing Green"
I would cross the road to view an unusual or rare car.
Today I ventured out to Dalkey for their vintage car show.
There was a 10K road race nearby and I had to walk 2 miles.

The property around there is fantastic, up on the hill lives Bono of U2 fame and that multi platinum singer Enya in her castle.
What a great day for it and when I came back to the car I got a MyTaxi job right back into the city.

Go to Dalkey when you come to Dublin, take the Dart out and stroll through the expensive landscape.
Then sample a snack from one of the many cafes and bars around.

There is a photographer at the entrance to the train station and they took a photo of this woman with green eyes and red hair..It was fantastic, pop in she might show it to you.

Then one night I was dropping off a couple further up the road.
The man got out and as he was paying me a woman stepped up smartly.
"Thomas Dunn. I hereby serve you in front of witnesses"
He panicked and tried to pull the money from my hand.
She was a detective and had been waiting to serve the court papers for hours if not days.

The singer of this song below was in my car. She is a total recluse and I did not recognize her, the radio was turned on low and she shouted "Turn it up" She sang with the purest voice in harmony and it was magic.
I told he that she should turn professional.
"I'm not that good, am I? "
I found out who she was weeks later, It was a wonderful moment even if she wasn't a worth $140 million..

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