Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Pope is coming


Google all in Dublin

Winicabs was the first. You had this thing behind the meter and when the meter was idle jobs would come through your mobile.
They were the first here in Ireland. Then they delayed the launch, then another delay and along came HalO and just blew them out of the water. Click here

This is life "Hesitate and you've lost "

I just thought I would share it with you as I threw it into the trash can today. 

Well a lot has happened since then Google, Facebook and another 100 hi tec companies have set up in Ireland.
Good and bad.
Rents are soaring but on the plus side we now have the best looking women in the world here.
3 wonderful lady's stick in my mind from last week Egypt, Poland, and Serbia. 
The world is so small now. I have had the great pleasure of meeting people from every country in the world thanks to the hi tec set-ups
I hope everything stays dandy I would not like the EU to change out tax rates for sure.

The dreaded tax return has been completed.
The next thing I will get is a demand for payment which is very threatening when it comes.

Once I had  a guy in the car who had fled from his country at the fall of the Shah of Iran. 
He turned his property into gold and diamonds and paintings. Then he brought it across the world to Ireland where he had contacts. Then bit by bit he bought property and built hotels and apartments. But he forgot about TAX and they came after him for €1 Million and €6,000 
He had to pay there and then.
"I paid the million and I told them that in 25 days I would pay the balance, this was not enough, so I borrowed the balance from a friend. Were they happy? No they went after my friend to find out where he got the 6 grand. 
So now we have a big company of accountants working on the recovery of the tax, we will get it all back for sure.
What really annoys me is that they did nothing to earn that money and they are not being held accountable for how they spend it"

Here is something to finish it off with a laugh

"How do you do and shake hands.

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