Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Guinness sponsor the hurling league here in Ireland and the advertising agency have been coming up with great posters. Here is one. The eye is a slither (ball used in hurling)If you get a chance to see a game It is the fastest game in the world after shooting and ice hockey.

The second one is of Dun Laoighre (formally known as Queenstown)looking towards Dublin with Joyces Martello tower and the 40 foot bathing place behind me.

When I was a young man I worked in the international telephone exchange, as a night worker. Times were so different then.The bigger towns had direct dial,but the smaller ones had manual exchanges. You rang the "exchange" which would be a room attached to a house. The operator would plug in the connection and twist the handle, or he might say,Is that Alice calling? Your mother is at Mrs Murphys house I will put you through there. No? I want to speak to Peter the voice would say. Ok he is over in Flannerys I will connect you now.
The telephone operators "monitored"all the calls and many operators cashed in on information received.Horses, Greayhounds and loose women.
Aristottle Onnassis suprisingly was one.
But in Greece I hasten to add.
I would love to see a top ten of people who were telephone operators in an earlier life.

So calls were brief and no business discussed.

Hard to believe that people are walking round with phones in their pockets and computers GPS camera and Phone all combined.

I have stat counter on my blog and it has a feature where you can trace the town where the visitors came from.(not their e mails)

Starting in Canada. Surry BC Dodge city TX Round Rock TX Minnesota MINNI Palm Beach FA New York NY Moving east Ireland England Scotland and Wales. On to Madrid SP Roma IT.Over to Africa Benin(Nigeria I think) Then off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Then to Perth, Sydney,Adelaide.
God the world has become so instant.
I am not sure if that is today or over a 2 day period.

If a hen snezes in China half of America shit themselves.

One thing in noticed in the US was how TV was all about this disease, bad food from China, poisoned toothpaste on and on. I would make you sick just listening to the way they ranted on.

I don't know if you got the e mail(dear reader) about the different attatude between the Glasgow Joe public opinion about bombers recently versus the American views of the situation. "Oh my god I thought we were all going to die"(US) "He came out covered in smoke so I kicked him in the bollox(testicles) and finished my pint"Scottish. ETC. (do you want it all?)

Rangers and Celtic supporters. (Catholic and Protestant)Stood side by side and they say they were the best riots that Glasgow has ever had.

My middle son is in Uganda and I just got a text to say he has arrived and its HOT.
Good luck Steven bring back loads of photos.

So we get to meet the world and the world comes to us.

Gionni Versatchi will be 10 years dead this week.
No don't tell me that it seems like only yesterday.

Twice through the Port tunnel today funny cause I had only been through it once since it opened. It saves a lot of time during rush hour.

Its time to take my personal trainer out for her walk.

Why are dogs bad dancers?

Because they have 2 left feet!

Look I came back and I wanted to tell you about this. Imagine e100. The tax man would persecute you to account for it.

Then think of 1 million.

Then wait for it.

e110,000000 Thats 110 Million in drugs found when a boat got wrecked off the Cork coast. The boys in blue (garda) had no information about it.
The boat was bought in Spain.
One woman nearly died of shock when the police came to tell her that her son had been arrested.

This is mad stuff.
Look at that great book The Day Of The Jackal.
That was in the 60s
If they had employed my good friend from Wexford they would have been home and dry.
(He is a skipper at this moment operating between Malaysia and Australia.
I will tell more later.)
How can you process such an amount of drugs and the money that follows.
Without it coming to the surface somewhere.

"Mary down the road has a new bicycle I wonder how she got tha money for that?"

The whole world is mad.

Or maybe its just me.



  1. LOL!

    That was a total brain dump, wasn't it. :)

  2. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Dear dublin taxi you got a great take on life!!
    very best wishes from a jersey cab driver (c.i.) regards John

  3. Got Jersey. I met a French girl there in a campsight at St.Brelades bay.
    Martini on cornflakes, the Mermaid bar near the airfield. A summer of love,sorry I came home.