Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lost Keys

Irelands first black person
Phil Lynnot of Thin Lizzy. What a rocker .Glad I can share that with you.
Lived fast died young. Statue is beside McDaids bar off Grafton St.
The old Dublin landmark The Five Lamps.
This area was bombed by the Germans by accident to prompt Eamonn Develera not to give access to Irish ports for British navy ships during the world war 2.

Well one thing that sticks in the mind is a lucky guy from Newry whose day changed when he closed the boot of his car at the airport.
Porsche Boxter. Put his bag and jacket into the boot at the airport.
Just as the boot closed it hit him. Keys in jacket!!!!!!!
And the car locked..
Rang his motorists helpline.
The guy could not help,he even brought his tow truck,but because of the height restriction in the multi story car park he could not lift her.
1/2 the world is on holiday.
Taxi to his home in Newry to get the spare key then back e500 the remote on the key would not work.!
Key is coded wrong.
Key will open car but no manual release for the bonnet inside.
Now the trunk(as the Yanks say) is in the front so you just cant pull the seat forward and get at the luggage.
All the hotels were booked up. Rod Stewart and Barbra Streisand are in concert here in Dublin.
He was very good about it all and said that he never frets about what is not within his control,you have to wonder how he got out of it.
Porsche should have a record of the key code, I hope they have.You would need your chasis number ,I hope this is not another trip to Newry!

I hope he is off on his holidays in Sligo as we speak.

Told him this would have to go in the blog,

One of the drivers at the Airport told of a neighbor of his who locked her keys in her car. When one of thieving neighbors herd of her plight ho opened it without damage in one minute.
He had a brick and hit the floor of the car at an exact point and the locks popped open cost her e40. It was a Mazda car.
Steve Guard is the guy I would call in Dublin it would be no harm to put the number of one of these handy guys on your phone now and not be looking for the number when the odds are stacked against you.

My Toyota Avensis does not exist on the Toyota computer. The key can only be replaced in a garage at a cost of e3,000 plus.It involves replacing locks and components deep within the engine.

So if I loose my keys its a new car for me.

Saw a cop in New York pop open the locks in a jeep in 3 seconds flat. Beautiful 6 liter tow truck he had. He told me that he can open any car in under 2 minutes.
They lift 1,000 cars a day so its big business.

Weather so wet but this morning the birds are singing so I hope you get some sunshine for your holidays.

Conrad Black of Hollinger fame has been found guilty of fraud in Chicago.
He was a Millionare with A Billionare lifestyle.
Creative bookkeeping kept him afloat but as in the case of Enron they found a rat who struck a deal to save himself.$86 million I think they reckon he took.
That would be on top of his normal pay.
Suppose he will keep the "Sir" that Maggie Thatcher gave him.
It might be useful when he gets out, that is if he ever goes to jail,
like Paris Hilton.
A fantastic story of greed and power.
Will read all about it when I get my day off.

I am not mentioning anyone in particular when I refer to the e110 million drugs find last week. Some of the finance would have to have come from "legitimate"sources.


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  2. As a girl once said to me when I was five "show me yours and I will show you mine". After that the rule has been "show yours first, then I will show mine"
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