Thursday, July 26, 2007

Time to slow down

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Here is a famous Georgian door from Fitzwilliam square.

Nearys bar just off Grafton St. Its claim to fame is that the barman threw out a group of people for singing. Donie Potter had auditioned Pavarotti to do a part for the Rathmines and Rarthar Opera society. Well he just wanted to demonstrate a small section in the piece. The barman went frantic "I told you lot before No Singing, get out and never come back again"
Pavarotti got the gig and went on to do quite well for himself. He later came back to Dublin and did a show for no fee in gratatude to the R&R for giving him his start.
His hand prints are on the foot path in front of the Gaitey Theatre.

Well its been head down,foot to the floor since I came back from the USA.

Yesterday my friend John rang me from the hospital, he is hooked up to all kinds of monitors. He felt a bit off color and walked up to the hospital(about a mile). The doctor saw him and figured he had been suffering a mild heart attack and he would need do more tests.
I suppose if they told you that it was a bad heart attack you would die of fright.

So boys and girls lets get work life balance back on track.

Funny how things work out and how odd people are.
Passing the 4 Courts I was stopped by an English couple.
"Take us to this address.".(Why do people print things so small on business cards)
They had been in court and they were not happy with their solicitor they had and they were on their way up to tell him so.
En route they rang him, but he was busy and would talk later.
This would mean missing their flight home to England.
I parked up and got out giving them privacy on their call.
When she was finished she called me back into the car.

"Airport please" "How do you get the number for the law society?"she asked. Better still its just around the corner said I, so I took them there. While the girl was inside the law society the man asked me if I knew of a good solicitor..Well I phoned a friend and I had the name of one of the top criminal lawyers in the state. When his sister (as it turned out) came back he told her that I had given him a contact.

"Well with the greatest respect what would a taxi driver know?"

That information was from a prison officer who has spent 30 years bringing criminals in and out of the courts.
Not yet happy she decided to try one more time.
So she went back again to the 4 courts to speak to the clerk of the court who gave her another different opinion about what she should do.
You see the staff who work the courts are often temps. as there has been an embargo on recruiting staff for a long time.

Well any more information from me she would have to pay for.

But my man is THE man if you are up on serious charges.
(Still You would seem to be guilty if you turned up in court with the cleverest defense in the land)
I could have rung my brother who is a solicitor, but then taxi drivers know nothing!

She is a barrister with a UK practice.God help us!

Lady you never get involved in law cases involving friends or family, you are too close to the problem and as a result you can make bad mistakes.

Another strange one happened around 5 am.
Sopped by a couple at the bottom of Dawson St.,Started the meter.....A long long pause then the lady gets in alone.
The guy she left behind looked like Malcom McArthur the subject of Ireland's most bizare murders, who is out now. Who in this day and age wears a polo neck bry nylon polo top in 2007?.

Then her phone rings. "We have been through this a 100 times and the answer is still no.No! NO!.......

Well if you must follow on the taxi will cost you e6.40. You can stay for a while and do what you must but only if you leave me alone after that."

"Why can't I find a normal man?"she said to me.

Well when you say things like what you just said it is a miracle you are still alive.
What I did say was " Tell him you are a lesbian and even if you he was the last man on earth he still would have no chance, then turn off your phone".

She just got out and almost sighed "Why must I be the victim"

I think a few evening classes would be a good start.
Followed by a hill walking group, or perhaps a canoeing or a sailing weekend.

She looked good enough(divorced perhaps) guess she needs a life coach.

Now for something different.
Got a sat nav from Aldi. set her up. It must have been programmed for use by foreign drivers because every time we set off on a trip it took me the opposite direction.
Rang the helpline..Enough said.
So back into the box and no try this or try that for me.
It don't work.
Money back.

Garmin for me in the Autumn sales.


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