Thursday, April 02, 2009

April showers , bring on the flowers.

Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

Newly refurbished apartments Pembrooke Rd.

The Gondola from the attic.

An unlikely couple got married, he very academic she a stunning blond.
All went well and when they were visiting Venice the bride saw a Gondola on the canal. "look at that funny boat" said the blond.
"No dear that's a Gondolier in his Gondola"

Then the blond said.
"Gondolier, that's what the doctor said I have."

Well if only some of you April wishes came true.
The Lotto was e8 million on Wed, it's a roll over too.

Well my excuse for not working is that I am doing household repairs, my wife had the yellow pages in her hand and gave me an ultimatum.

Still I had been working 7 days a week for months.

Now the strike has taken place the heat will be turned up on on the taxi drivers.
I was told that they will only have to observe cars stopped on double yellow lines to issue tickets.

Problem is that the number of taxi ranks has increased by around 10% while the fleet has increased by 800% I am not great at maths.

I wish I could understand the Goodbody report. How his conclusions were reached are not explained, did they go to a dark room and take LSD before they wrote it?

"The average gross earnings of cab drivers is independently estimated at e58,000 per Annam or e40,000 after costs but before tax."

That is a guy working for 48 weeks (holidays sicks etc.) would have to earn e840 per week every week to get that.

I hope none of the wives are reading those figures....What has the tax man to say?

"While definitive data is not available, market intelligence (whatever that is) suggests that only a small minority of drivers are renting as opposed to owning a licenced PSV".

I know of one guy who had 600 taxis rented out.
Now he has over 1,000 rented out and to God knows who.
Well I am sure he has a record of the guy he rented it to, perhaps not the same guy who has it now, who knows.

The regulator is in the main silent through all the protests.
Why are people driving taxis with other peoples licences displayed?

Easy to answer that, the ENFORCERS ARE AT HOME IN BED at night.

How can a taxi driver be driving a taxi and not know where basic locations are?

Why do hundreds of taxis from Wicklow,Drougheda,Cavan and Navan etc flood into Dublin at weekends when they do not have a PSV licence to work the city.

There was nothing wrong with the old individual areas numbering system.
Perhaps it is time to put an ares symbol back on the roof sign.

Why are complaints from Wexford for example channeled through the regulators office in Dublin?
Would it not be better to be dealt with the local Garda and a report then sent to the regulators office?

The report also talks about times of peak demand, ie when the pubs are all closing at the same time. He seems to believe that all the drinking public should be brought home at the same time even though the combined bus, taxi, Luas and Dart networks took around 4 hours to bring everyone into town.
Add to that that many are now drunk and abusive.

Anyone who has ever seen "street wars" knows what I mean.

Extend the closing times of certain places for another 2 hours.

Anyhow this taxi regulator service is all spin and PR.
It is a total waste of money too.

The public are in real danger here, I hope you don't have kids coming home late at night.

Perhaps I would be better working instead of reading Goodbody fiction go on download it..

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  1. We have a similar problem here in NYC. No enforcement except to give us registered hacks a ticket !