Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back to work

Personalised number.!

A Tank at the Imperial war museum

A Flea circus!

Its always a bit of an anti climax when you are heading towards a big event, then it comes and it becomes an anti climax.
If I was hoping for work to pick up my hopes have been crushed....more and more taxis.
It must be a great joke for visitors. "I just went to look at my watch and 20 taxis stopped". Or "I was pointing the Spire out to my wife and 3 taxis stopped". It is a fact that at night if a couple are kissing goodbye a taxi or two will stop.

Young guys with house and car loans are in great pain.
You couldn't keep a Budgie on the work that's out there now.

I have been painting plumbing and putting down a new floor after the leak.

Day by day I feel like I am becoming Larry David.

Just not happy unless I can fix it myself.

I had a mad moment the other day, a can of Guinness was empty in the middle of a pack, so I went back to the shop. No problem you might think.
"Have you got a receipt for this?"
"Well you see I have no way of knowing whether it was damaged before I sold it to you, or whether it was damaged in your house,"

She would not change it even though the ring was not pulled.

I know my friend Arthur would change the can, after all I have consumed a good number of tubes of Guinness in my day.

Just 2 observations from life.

Before the break I went into my coffee shop and I saw a bar of chocolate at the sugar and sturing spot.
I had seen one there before and I said it to the shopkeeper. "No, David the homeless boys buys chocolate every morning, all he needs is the silver paper"

Work it out for yourself.

2 guys come to Blackpool, I saw them at least 3 times that I have been there. They hold hands and walk around together. One is BLIND and DEAF his mate "Tells" him what is going with sign language which he has to touch on to the other guys hand !

I was told that they are subsidized by the magicians, It is a triumph of man over adversity for sure.

Mick Miller was the MC for one of the shows he is very sharp.

"My girlfriend must have had 61 other boyfriends, she calls me her sixty second lover"
I never went to the Embassy club in Manchester with my cousin, now he is gone and so is Bernard Manning.

When I get back to it all I will have tales of the high road again.

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  1. Hey John, Can you add a taxi link on to your blog for me please, its my taxi mates new website that I made for him.