Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Spring ?

The Spanish embassy

Eddie Rockets car

Ranelagh church.

Lennox st,hidden Dublin 3 houses through a doorway.

Toyota have apologised for not spotting the fault which causes loss of control.

They would have noticed it sooner if the Yaris had actually been bought by men.

I was looking through old papers when I came across the results of the sale in Bonhams vintage car auction. It was a Bugatti which had been in the bottom of a lake in Switzerland for 70 years. click here for the story. Now when it did go under the hammer it sold for €260,500 it is absolute scrap.

But when I googled it I found footage of that Bugatti Viron crashing!

Money and brains do not always go together.

Contains strong language !

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Did you notice Snowdrops and Daffodils as you drive around ?
Spring is coming for sure, the birds are really loud in the mornings, spring is in the air for sure.
Pancakes and Easter are coming.

Today I drove around for 2 hours from 8.30 am without getting a single fare.
I couldn't even get onto a rank.
Still you have to take the good along with the bad.

Its good to have a nagging wife to keep you going.
I came back home to paint and move furniture, seems like its time to put Willie Nelson on the CD player!

Once we had a big CD player and I couldn't work it. I got tired of asking the kids to turn it on so I tried myself. Well I got it working and I was real proud of myself until the CD finished off and I opened it up and turned the CD over to play the other side, they still laugh at that.

"If you had brains you'd be dangerous" as the Dublin woman says.

Things muddle on so I hope I will be at the docks when my ship comes in.
This Friday the Euromillions will be somewhere around €220 million, If I win I will take Tuesdays off and the rest of the week as well.

I was just looking at the stat counter on the blog, I had a visitor from Vanuatu, I remember that place from my days in the international telephone exchange.
To travel there would be great.

The issues are still rumbling on...Far too many taxis.
No taxi to be older than 9 years old after next year.
8,000% rise in the cost of the PSV licence.
No rank space.
The regulator turning a blind eye to the illegal taxis which are operating.
The persistent snatchers who operate at Heuston station, pulling up in front of the rank when a train comes in.

e mail info@irishtaxicouncil.org.


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    anyone know my old mate Christy banks.We were taxi drivers in Dublin,we played snooker at jasons in ranlagh.iI moved to uk when it started to get hard to make a living(good move on my part).lost contact with each other. Any who knows Christy Banks ask him to contact me at Philbermingham@talktalk.net thanks all