Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Runner to start my day

This is James's gate Home of the black stuff.
Note the ID card flat on the dash.

Wests soon to close its doors Est 1720

A fancy garden in Fairview.

Today started off with a runner.

Picked her up in North Strand going to Dolphin House court.
She had asthma and she told me that she was going for custody of her son, he had been taken from her a year ago and she really missed him.
She hopped out and said, "I'm just going in to get yer money" and off she went.
I got the feeling that she had done a runner and then I parked up and asked the clerk at the desk where she had gone, "second floor".
When she saw me coming she dashed up the stairs and into a courtroom, I rushed in and pulled her out by the collar, followed by a court usher.
I explained my case and the 3 of us went down to the front desk.
I spoke to the Garda on duty and he told her that she must pay. "But I don't have any money".
He told her to get it.
I cut my losses then and told the Garda to follow it up and put the money in the poor box.

I am not a hard harted bastard, she knew she had no money, she could have taken the bus into town, but she will have money for drugs and she won't care what she has to do to get it. The judge would be mad to give her back her kid, I wouldn't give her a goldfish to take care of never mind a child.

I cruised around and managed to get onto the back of the Heuston rank where Allah be praised I got a run to Dun Laoighre and when I was dropping her off I got a lift back to Heuston ! Good compensation that.

So for the rest of the day I watched my windows being fitted.
One of the frames broke when they were putting it in and they phoned head office in Moy Co Tyrone, they made another one and rushed it down before 3.pm.
Now I am double glazed so the noise of the traffic should be gone.

So there is my Summer holidays. In windows.....,,,,,

Mardi Gras is a big day in Brazil Carnival time...Get your feathers out.
I got a visitor from Brazil the other day 10 centavos. I will give it to my friend from Brazil and she can bring it home again. Strange how it looks so much like Euro. You would have thought that they would have looked at all the coins in the world before designing the Euro. There are coins from Thailand which appeared as soon as the Euro did..very close, so easy to pass on.
Not that I ever would.
The Australian notes are the best in the world...Never been forged and made of plastic they last forever...
Today saw Ryanair offer 300 jobs to Dublin if they could have a recently vacated hanger at Dublin airport.
The minister of transport had not returned calls SO. M O'leary said, phone a friend . Well the jobs are going to Europe.
You see the DAA are a law unto thremselves.
Taxi drivers have paid them over e3 million and they have the worst conditions ever.

Many people come to Ireland to learn English.


  1. Oh, but you have gemade mein tag mit der advertfunnylingovideo! Leib it!

  2. It's never the money, it's the principle.

  3. Classic. Pure genius. ..I haven't been there in 5 years, they are getting a bit fancy eh' ??

  4. Poor Wests longer in business than Guinness(1759 Or a minute to 6)
    There are 2 jewellers opened just opposite them. Anyhow rents are killing business around Grafton St.
    Dublin is changing so fast now.