Monday, February 22, 2010


The lectures by a magician in the Spanish hall. The camera projects the lecture on to 2 big screens so everyone can see.

A view of the dealers hall 125 dealers in all

David Williamson with kids !

The tower in the snow.

Special lighting effects near the Winter Gardens

Freak circus

Circus of old
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Old nags on bags

Fire on the streets display

The guy on the right is Franz Hirari !

the imperial war meusium

the bridge that lifts up to let ships pass.

The MU Grounds
Pit props pass by the platform in Preston.
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The new BBC HQ in Manchester

China town Manchester fantastic...

Well as they say "Been there ,done that,here's the tee shirt"

Back home from the Blackpool magicians convention safe and sound.
And much wiser.
I flew over via Manchester and went to see an exhibition of photographs by in the Imperial War Museum north.

As he says "Dark photographs"

Strange thing is that anyone I asked where the imperial war meusum was didn't know where it was, so I asked a taxi man and we headed off for a £10 trip.

Its close to the MU HQ in old Trafford and it is not in Manchester it's in Salford which is where the song "Dirty old town" was written about.
It sure looks great now.
I asked in the Lowrey centre to get back into Manchester. and went in by tram, a great way to go.

Then I caught the train to Blackpool.
I met a guy called Darren Mason on the train who gave me a discount card and told me about a great Indian restaurant Terrys Balti house on Clifton St.
Well Darren we waited for 1 1/2 hours before the food arrived! and it was barley lukewarm. The chips on my friends plate were soggy and the steaks were as tough as old boots.
Then after complaining we ate and when the bill came thay said that we had not shown them the discount card at the start of the meal. In spite of having held it up like a free pass coming in, asking if it was good here and leaving it in full view at all times.
We did get the discount in the end,but I just had to ask them if they did all that on purpose or had they been sent in by another restaurant to close this one down this one must close by the carry on.
I sometimes watch "Hells Kitchen", when I eat I feel that I have come to the places where his rejects finish up.
I must learn HOW to complain.
On TV when I was resting Egon Roney was going around all the outlets in Heathrow reviewing the food...Well he came to the staff canteen and after sampling and spitting out the food..HE CLOSED IT DOWN. The girl in charge said "I just thought he was an ordinary customer, MR Roney said "I wouldn't give that food to a dog"

I have eaten bad food and said nothing, that is not good.

If you are into Magic the Blackpool convention is the one in the British Isles. 3 days of magic, 125 magic dealers. Many competitions, a showcase of talent show Plus a Gala show.
We had Franz Harary

David and Diana did a star turn..Saw them 3 times

That last change is something to see live.


  1. I don't know if you have a new camera or have passed some learning curve with the old one, but those pictures are great.

  2. No new camera, just better subjects.
    I can't get that blue tinge out yet.
    Will speak to the "kids"