Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Exam results.

By the time you read this many students will know how their exams of the spring have gone.
The exam results are out today.
Success or failure?

What kind of judgment is that?

So give them a big hug as they venture off to get their results.

One thing I know is David Beckham is not too bright in one way,
but he is a great footballer.

Stephen Hawking is lousey at football, but is a great scientest.

One thing for sure Mother Thresa of Calcutta never won a beauty contest !

So you never know, a great poet cannot be measured the same way as a great painter.

We all have special gifts, some take more time to find their groove.

Tell them that you love them and ask them to ring you to tell how they did.
Then suggest an outing to celebrate or to sympathise.


Last week we lost another driver, this time from my own rank.

He hung himself in a moment of desperation.

In an instant he snapped,he created far more problems in death than he would have ever faced if he had lived.

Please boys and girls, THINK !.

Ring MABS for money advice.

The Samaritans at 1890 303 302

Or Aware at 1890 303 302

Think about this, if they are busy perhaps you should volinteer a bit of time to help them out.

So, So, many people are in deep shit at present.(Its not just Taxi drivers)


You might have thought taxi drivers were making loads of money sometimes.

Imagine getting a passinger and then giving out because they are only going a short distance ?
When the flag falls the fare starts at €4.10 ! thats a lot.

The bus all the way home would be 1/2 that cost.

A very beautiful girl from Brazil got into my taxi the other day going to Lad Lane. She was very pleasant to talk to so as well so I suggested to her that if she walked up to the rank at St.Stephens Green the taxi fare would be much cheaper.

"Well when I do that they complain about how long they have waited to get a fare"

I had to tell her that they must be mad! Any hetrosexual male would drive her around all day just for the pleasure of her company and in awe of her great good looks.
So I got a €3 tip for my trouble, she had the most fantastic smile of white teeth I ever saw and that is not the only thing that was fantastic about her.

A girl stopped me outside the Spar on Baggott St one day going to Crumlin, When I asked her where she worked it turned out to be Mesbil Rd., just around the corner. She said that the drivers on the rank there always complained about the fare being too small, so she picked up a taxi around the corner from the rank instead, there was something really special about her too, a trainee film producer I think, it was a while ago.

So be a bit more cheerful, there is no reason to load your problems on to your customers..

3 Dublon ladies of an advanced age were stranded on the desert Island.

After a few weeks they found a bottle on the beach.

Thinking it might be whisky the opened it up only to be confronted by a huge GENI...

Well the GENI offered them 3 wishes one wish each, and only one wish.

Mary went first,
"I wish I was in Mulligans in Poolabeg St drinking sherry"
BING she wass gone.

Margret said it was her daughters birthday and she wished she was in The Silver Granite pub in Palmerstown,, a great spot.
Bing , she was gone

Philys was last.. she was under a bit of pressure and couldn't think straight.

"What is your wish"? said the Geni.

"I am all confused. I just wish the girls were back here"

Bing and the GENI was gone.

BING and the girls were back !

Leave them with a smile, they don't have to know about your problems.


  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. I look forward to every one.

  2. I agree that its sad when we are judged as people because of things like exam results, looks, financial success etc. The saddest thing of all is that we judge ourselves by those criteria too.

  3. Nobody should ever be "judged" on their academic ability. It's so wrong and puts people under terrible pressure.

  4. I can't believe how many taxi drivers there are in Dublin now. How do you guys earn a living?

  5. Simple! We really don't make a living.
    No I am not kidding we are in a tail spin.
    I am lucky , my kids are reared and my house is paid for.
    If I smoked I couldn't afford to.
    That is a fact.

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